Semester:  Spring 2019/2020


Fahd Jarad 

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Ekin Uğurlu

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First Quiz (%10): 30 April 17:30-18:30

(content of first quiz: first-

order differential equations)


Midterm (%30): 7 May 17:30-19:30


(content of midterm:

reduction of order,

homogeneous equations with

constant coefficients, the

method of undetermined

coefficients and the method

of variation of parameters,

Cauchy-Euler equations)


Second Quiz (%20): 21 May 17:30-18:30

(content of second quiz:

Laplace transforms, inverse

Laplace transforms, unit-step

function, convolution)


Final (%40): 18 June 13:00-15:00



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Week 1

Check yourself

Week 2

Check yourself II

Week 3

Check yourself III

Week 4

Week 4 (2)

Check yourself IV

Exercise Set 1

Week 5

Check yourself V



Catalog Description:

First order differential equations;

Separable, homogeneous, linear, Bernoulli and exact equations, integrating factors.

Higher order differential equations;

Reduction of order, second order equations, undetermined coefficients, variation of parameters, Cauchy-Euler equations, higher order equations.

Laplace transforms, convolution, unit step functions.

Power series solutions of differential equations;

Series solutions near ordinary points, series solutions near regular singular points (Frobenius Method)

Fourier Series.

Textbook: N. S. Snider, Fundamentals of Differential Equations, Eighth Edition  

 Reference Book: Shepley L. Ross,  Differential Equations, 3rd Edition, John Wiley and Sons, 1984 9780471032946


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