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Topics to be covered in the the second midterm:

Reduction of order, Homogeneous equations with constant coefficients, the method of undetermined coefficents, the method of variation of parameters, Cauchy-Euler equations, Laplace transforms: Laplace transforms of elementary functions, inverse Laplace transform of functions.


The Second midterm exam places are organized according to the Surnames as follows:


Surname                                                    Place  AB─░D─░NO─×LU-ÇEL─░K A.                             NA01

ÇEL─░K B.-KURTO─×LU                               NA02

KUTLUATA-┼×EN                                        AMFI 2(H126)

┼×ENER-ZAMBAK                                       AMFI 4(H128)





Exercises set II (for Midterm II)

Exercises set III-Lapalce taransform (Midterm II)(Please replace t by x)

Exercises set IV (for the final)